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Let’s Talk About Chemical Peels

Skin Care / April 26, 2023
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Here at Vesper Aesthetics in Chicago, we love VI Peel. Why, do you ask? The reason is it’s a safe medium depth peel that anyone can use. Here at Vesper, we pride ourselves in being able to treatment every skin type. We want to treat everyone safely and effectively. VI Peel is different than most chemical peels because of their specific combination of ingredients, which is proprietary to VI Peel. It contains TCA, Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C and other ingredients.  VI Peel can treat acne, discoloration, sun damage, pore size reduction, skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles. We also carry the body peel.

The process is easy and painless. We start by washing your face, we will degrease your face with the towelette in the VI Peel system, we will apply an occlusive ointment like Aquaphor around sensitive areas. For examples, under eyes, corners of the nose and mouth. We do 4 passes of the VI Peel that’s appropriate for what we are trying to treat.  VI Peel comes with a post procedure kit which has your instructions, a cleanser, sun block, post peel treatment cream and medicated towelettes. The peel stays on for 4 hours before you cleanse and use your first medicated towelette you will then apply the post peel treatment cream and sunblock. The same night 1 hour before bed you will do the same process. The following day you will cleanse in the morning, apply your post peel treatment cream and sunblock. In the evening, you will do cleanse, apply your last towelette and post peel cream. You will follow instructions for day 3-7.

VI Peel also has an App which is easy to download and use. It has all your instructions while you’re going through the peeling process. You can also upload your photos so you can see your skin’s progression.

The most important thing to remember when going through the peeling process is not to pick or pull off the peeling skin. You must stay out of the sun and use sun block.

For the best results VI Peel is done in a series of 3 chemical peels 4-6 weeks apart. The average cost is $350-$1,050.

VI Peel is Nurse Juan Carlos’ favorite chemical peel! He gets this peel every 3 months to maintain his glowing skin. We also LOVE to combine VI Peel with Neurotoxin injections!