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Laser Resurfacing in Northalsted

Deep skin rejuvenation

See years of wear and tear on your skin wash away with laser resurfacing in Northalsted at Vesper. The combination of our Moxi laser and BBL technology restores the natural luminous glow of your youth by precisely targeting specific depths in your skin. This treatment improves nearly every aspect of your skin, with minimal downtime.


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What It Treats

Treatment Duration

  • Face 30-45 minutes
  • Chest/Neck 20 minutes


You can expect to see improvements in the overall tone and texture of your skin in addition to a reduced appearance of discoloration, fine lines, and pore size. Most clients experience increased skin reflectivity as well. Over the ensuing couple of months, additional benefit from increased collagen production will also be notable.

Your Laser Resurfacing Experience

Every treatment at Vesper begins with an in-depth skin analysis and consultation. Your experienced provider will go over all of your treatment options, and together you will develop the best plan to address your concerns.

Once we’ve determined if laser resurfacing in Northalsted is right for you, we will set up your treatment appointment. One hour prior to treatment, your Vesper provider will apply a topical numbing cream to your skin. After that hour has passed, we will remove the cream and cleanse your skin in preparation for treatment.

Since Moxi and BBL’s settings are tunable, we will set individualized treatment parameters for your skin to maximize results and minimize downtime. After we treat your skin, we cool the skin with a cold air chiller and a cooling spray to minimize discomfort.

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