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acne treatments in Lincoln

Achieve Clear and Confident Skin with Back-to-School Medical Aesthetic Treatments in Chicag

BBL / July 26, 2022
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As the back-to-school season approaches, anticipation and stress start to build up. While you plan your outfit and shop for school supplies, it’s important not to overlook the condition of your skin. Stress can take a toll on your complexion, leading to breakouts and further exacerbating your stress levels. To break this cycle, Vesper Med Spa offers a comprehensive range of acne treatments in Chicago, empowering you to face the new school year with confidence. This article will provide valuable insights into achieving a clean slate with professional skincare and medspa treatments.

Understanding the Causes of Acne:

Effectively addressing acne begins with understanding its underlying causes. Although every individual’s skin is unique, certain factors play a significant role in skin changes. By identifying and addressing these factors, personalized acne treatments in Chicago can yield remarkable results.

Hormonal Changes:

During puberty and young adulthood, hormonal shifts are normal and often accompanied by changes in complexion. However, hormonal acne can affect adults at any age, especially during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. As hormone levels fluctuate, oil glands and hair production can become overactive, resulting in clogged pores.


Stress affects everyone differently, including the skin. When anxiety levels rise, stress hormones increase oil production, leading to acne breakouts. While avoiding stress entirely may not be feasible, incorporating effective acne treatments in Chicago can help prevent and manage stress-induced breakouts.


The impact of diet on our bodies extends to our skin as well. Certain foods high in sugars and oils can promote inflammation and disrupt hormone levels, potentially aggravating acne. Maintaining a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients can improve complexion and support overall skin health.

Improper Skincare:

Daily exposure to external factors like air pollution and makeup can have a significant impact on the skin. Establishing a proper skincare routine that involves removing debris and rebalancing the skin is crucial. Consulting with a skincare professional can help you identify the right medical-grade skincare products for at-home acne treatments in Chicago, including cleansers, toners, SPF, and moisturizers.


Med Spa Acne Treatments in Chicago:

For more comprehensive and faster-acting acne treatments, visiting a med spa in Chicago is recommended. These in-office procedures go beyond traditional facials and offer rejuvenating solutions. At Vesper Med Spa, we provide a range of advanced treatments, including:

  1. BBL Photofacial: Our BBL photofacial treatment utilizes Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to target brown spots, red spots, acne, and enlarged pores. This non-invasive procedure reduces redness, bacteria, and oil gland activity for noticeable improvements.
  2. RF Microneedling: Virtue RF microneedling combines radiofrequency technology with microneedling to stimulate collagen and elastin production. This treatment not only helps heal acne scars but also kills acne-causing bacteria and enhances overall skin texture.
  3. Halo Laser Resurfacing: Vesper Med Spa proudly offers the latest Joule X platform, HERO, which combines the power of Halo and BBL treatments. Laser resurfacing removes damaged skin layers, revealing a healthy foundation. This advanced technology provides unparalleled results for acne scars, addressing both surface and deep skin layers.

Pairing Medical-Grade Products and In-Office Treatments:

For optimal results, combining a routine of medical-grade skincare products with in-office treatments can expedite the healing process and effectively target current acne, prevent future breakouts, and address acne scars simultaneously. This comprehensive approach ensures a faster and more comprehensive transformation.

Choosing a Trusted Med Spa for Acne Treatments in Chicago:

When seeking acne treatments, it is vital to choose a trusted provider. Experience and expertise are essential in ensuring safe and effective outcomes. Before selecting a med spa, explore their social media and reviews to assess treatment results. Additionally, reputable medical spas offer in-office consultations, allowing them to tailor treatments to your specific goals. It is essential to inquire about the credentials of the medical team to ensure they are licensed professionals.

Vesper Med Spa: Your Destination for Acne Treatments in Chicago:

As the premier med spa in Chicago, Vesper Med Spa offers a wide range of cutting-edge services to transform your self-image. Led by our founder, Ashley, who brought her expertise from Beverly Hills to Chicago, our experienced medical team provides the most advanced treatments available. Visit us for professional and effective acne treatments in Chicago, and start your journey towards clearer skin.


Don’t let acne hinder your confidence as you head back to school. With the comprehensive range of acne treatments available at Vesper Med Spa in Chicago, you can achieve clearer and more confident skin. By addressing the underlying causes of acne, incorporating medical-grade skincare products, and considering advanced in-office treatments, you can enjoy a newfound glow and take on the school year with confidence. Consult with our skincare experts at Vesper Med Spa to develop a personalized treatment plan and unlock your skin’s true potential.

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