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Dermal Fillers in Northalsted

Natural & subtle facial refinement

Age eventually affects us all. While there might not be anything we can do about the years passing by, we can help you look ageless while enhancing your inner beauty. Dermal fillers in Northalsted are noninvasive and specifically designed to stimulate your natural collagen production, giving your skin added plumpness and lift that is often lost over time.


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Type of Treatment



Average of 1-2 treatments. Number depends on severity of volume loss.

What It Treats

Treatment Duration

  • Face 30-60 minutes


Results last from 1 to 2 years

Your Fillers Experience

Every treatment at Vesper begins with an in-depth skin analysis and consultation. Your experienced provider will go over all of your treatment options, and together you will develop the best plan to address your concerns.

If dermal filler in Northalsted is the right choice for your needs, your injector will thoroughly educate you on the benefits and risks of each filler option. Once we’ve created your treatment plan, your injector will numb the application area and prep the skin with antimicrobial cleanser. Then your injector will mark the target areas and intricately inject the filler into the proper placement.

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