Hyperhidrosis Treatment

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Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Northalsted

Eliminate excessive underarm sweating

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes excessive sweating in the underarms and other parts of your body, like your hands and feet. It’s a potentially embarrassing problem that affects thousands of people, regardless of background, gender, or ethnicity. Deep RF Microneedling is an effective hyperhidrosis treatment in Northalsted that benefits many of our patients at Vesper.


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Treatment Duration

  • 30-45 minutes


RF Microneedling for your underarms results in permanent sweat reduction.

Your Microneedling Experience

Every treatment at Vesper begins with an in-depth skin analysis and consultation. Your experienced provider will go over all of your treatment options, and together you will develop the best plan to address your concerns.

Once we determine if Deep RF is the right hyperhidrosis treatment in Northalsted for your needs, we will schedule your first appointment. To start, your Vesper provider will apply a numbing cream for 45-60 minutes, then clean the target area and prep the skin for treatment. Your provider will intricately calibrate the RF microneedling device to address your individual concerns, then move the device over the targeted skin with consistent speed and pressure.

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